Protect the earth and build a green tomorrow with MESAN

Release Date:2020-06-23 15:57

COVID-19 has caused significant loss of life and economy to the world, but it has brought a respite to the planet's environment. Carbon emissions from fossil fuels could be cut by 2.5 billion tonnes in 2020, the largest drop on record, according to the World Day Network. Air flights and land transports have been drastically reduced during the pandemic, and air and water pollution levels have reached multi-decade lows.

As the epidemic relieves and economic development and life gradually return to normal, this is the best time to re-examine building energy strategies, or re-calibrate old buildings, improve energy efficiency, protect the environment, and continue to develop together with the earth. The theme of ASHRAE for this year is "People-Oriented Buildings, Pursuing Excellence in Energy-Saving Operational Strategies". System energy conservation begins with design and requires professional management personnel to meet the proposition of a green world.

In a water-cooled air conditioning system, water quality is an important factor affecting the efficiency of the host. It is a common solution to install a filtration system in the circulating water system of the cooling tower. MESAN provides efficient and practical automatic cleaning mesh filters for green buildings to output reliable and clean water quality for the system, together with the cleaning nozzles of the basin, making the main engine maintaining high energy consumption ratio all the time, saving water and electricity, reducing chemical use and maintenance costs.

As the industry pays more and more attention to environmental protection and energy saving, the automatic cleaning mesh filter can be expected to become more mainstream in the application of circulating water cooling system in the future through its excellent water saving and energy saving performance.

MESAN has been firmly on the road of green construction for nearly 50 years, constantly exploring new directions for sustainable development, pursuing green innovation, and providing customers with safe, reliable and environmentally friendly cooling tower green solutions.

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