Good News ▏MESAN won the bid of the centralized procurement project

Release Date:2019-06-06 12:10

MESAN cooling tower won the bid "Shenzhen Excellence / Xingrongda / Hongrongyuan / Huangting / Pengrui / Kingkey Alliance 2019-2021 Cooling Tower Centralized Procurement Project". In the next two years, MESAN Cooling Tower will be the sole supplier of cooling towers for its projects.

Excellence Group, Xingrongda Group, Hongrongyuan Group, Pengrui Group, Kingkey Group, and Huangting Group are all well-known companies in the domestic real estate industry. They develop and operate a wide variety of projects, including large-scale high-end residential communities, high-star resorts, large-scale complexes such as hotels, CBD financial centers and world-class shopping centers. For example, Wongtee Plaza, known as the heart of Shenzhen CBD bricks and stones, Biyuntian, a model project of Lingnan-style residential areas, and the tallest landmark building in Baoan District, Shenzhen——large-scale landmark projects that are well-known to every household, such as Shenzhen Uniwalk Qianhai.

Super high-rise and high-star hotel projects have extremely strict requirements on the performance of cooling towers such as energy consumption, environmental protection and noise, which makes us stand out from many competitors and successfully won the bid. This is undoubtedly another affirmation by the market for the comprehensive strength and technical level of MESAN cooling towers.

In the current market, the performance requirements of cooling towers are increasing, and the noise of cooling towers is a problem that owners have to consider. MESAN cooling towers can provide customers with a variety of noise reduction solutions such as ultra-quiet fans and air inlet and outlet silencers to meet the noise requirements of different projects.

At present, MESAN cooling tower has designed and produced cooling towers for projects such as Marriott Executive Apartment Hotel and Pullman Hotel and they will be put into use soon. It is worth mentioning that the cooling towers of these projects are all ultra-quiet fans.

This project adopts the procurement method of "centralized pricing and separate procurement". While enjoying the best service, the owner avoids duplication of labor and waste of manpower, thereby effectively reducing the procurement cost.

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