VAF Water filtration System
Effectively reduces buildup of habitat and food source of legionella bacteria.

Common problems with the cooling tower recirculating water

Provides a favorable living environment for organic microorganisms, which leads growth of legionella bacteria.
Mineral Particles such as calcium carbonate in the circulating water settle at basin and stick on the heat exchanger surface to form a scale
Corroded sediments cause fouling in pipes, which increases pipeline resistance, resulting in a decline in water flow rate and further reduced energy efficiency.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filters

MESAN provides a non-chemical water treatment solution to counter legionella bacteria, microbiological contamination and protect equipment.
      We provide innovative, cost-effective cooling water filtration systems, and water treatment solutions without chemical agents.

MESAN provides the innovative and cost effective water filtration system and chemical-free water treatment for

● Scale Control

Producing hundreds of billions of nucleation events per second throughout the plumbing system to control scale and bacteria without the aid of chemicals.

● Legionella Management

Significantly reduced the habitat and achieved a 98% inhibition of sessile bacteria.

● Corrosion Control

Reduce Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) while chemically induced corrosion can be avoided by eliminating corrosive oxidizing biocides.
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